Learn Spanish, French and English in your own way

Language For You is focused on your needs as you become more competent in Spanish, French and English as a second or foreign language. It doesn't matter if you've never spoken a word of a foreign language in your life � the lessons proceed at your pace, concentrating on the things you want and need to know. Lessons are conducted one-to-one or, by prior arrangement, in small groups.

Natalie Harrison has taught students in all situations, helping each and every one to discover confidence in the Spanish, French and English languages.

- GCSE, AS-Level and A-Level students who need support outside of school or college will enjoy the informal approach that characterises Language For You.

- Business travellers heading to Spanish or French speaking countries can benefit from an intensive course in business language, giving them better results in overseas negotiations or business exhibitions.

- Off on holiday? Learn the language of your destination with a conversation course covering those all-important colloquial terms, and you can make the most of your holiday with confidence in the local tongue.

- Perhaps you just want to expand your knowledge of Spanish, French or English as a foreign or second language. Learn your chosen language to whatever level you want.

Whatever your ability and whatever your motivation, you can learn Spanish, French and English (as a foreign or second language) in the way that's right for you. The way you learn reflects the reason you're learning, and your lesson plan will fit in with your needs � not the other way around.

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