The first step to learning a new language

If you're interested in learning a new language, there's never been a better time to start. To inspire you, here are a few words from some of Natalie's students...

Learning Spanish

"I have found since starting my Spanish lessons last year that I am now able to use my Spanish on holidays, and I am much more confident and more willing to test my abilities in shops and restaurants. Natalie is such a brilliant teacher and really gives me confidence!"

"Natalie is a patient and responsive teacher. She copes with us at our different levels of competence with languages and manages to ensure we are both progressing. My daughter has recently started Spanish at school and she has come along to a couple of our lessons too - Natalie is never fazed and adapts to whoever joins in!"

Learning French

"I wanted to say how much I have appreciated the French language course after the first 5 weeks and after our stay in France this October.

"Even though we have French friends, in the past I had to leave most of the talking to my wife, not having any success myself with night school classes or computer self-learning courses. After only 10 hours with Natalie however, I made such an improvement in my ability to speak and comprehend French, that it was immediately noticed by our French friends who commented how much I had improved since the last time we stayed with them in the summer.

"Our sessions are always stimulating and challenging with a mix of formal teaching and conversation. She has managed to inspire foreign language confidence in someone who has always been a reluctant language student! I would (and do) recommend Natalie and Language For You highly to anyone who is serious about learning French."

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